The One Stone and Trained Technique Hybrid System

Trained Technique System:

  • Players will use the inherent bonus system, modified by the One Stone system (OSS), below.
  • Magic armor is removed from the game. Light masterwork armor will be unavailable, and heavy masterwork armor (chain, scale, plate) will follow the table in the OSS, below.
  • Wondrous items, consumable items, and potions will be the only craftable magic items allowed. The Enchant Magic Item ritual will be only be used for crafting wondrous and consumable, non-potion items. The Brew Potion ritual and Alchemy feat will function as normal.
  • Magic shields will be considered wondrous items, and powers from magic shields cannot be taken as techniques.
  • Instead of magic items, characters will find NPCs, tomes, manuals, and other things that teach them techniques that mimic the effects of magic items.
  • Characters will be able to learn an unlimited number of techniques, but will be able to have a number of them active based on their tier:
    • Heroic: 9 technique slots
    • Paragon: 10 technique slots
    • Epic: 11 technique slots
  • Players may switch out the techniques in their active slots after a short rest.
  • Players may select techniques from existing items or create their own. Techniques from existing items with a single power will be purchased at the price of the item. Techniques from existing items with multiple powers will be purchased at a cost equal to the total of the item, divided by the number of non-enhancement, non-critical bonus powers on the item.
    • Ex.: A learning weapon +1 has a Critical property of +1d6, an Enhancement bonus of +1, and two properties (“Each time you miss a target with this weapon…” and “Each time you hit a target with this weapon…”), and cost 1000 gp. The critical and enhancement properties cannot be bought and are not considered, so the properties from this weapon cost 500 gp each (1000/2).
    • Ex. 2: The Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier) cost 1800 gp and have a Property of: Gain a +2 item bonus to melee damage rolls. As noted in the OSS, this item provides a +1 item bonus to melee damage rolls. Learning this as a technique costs 1800 gp.
  • Techniques derived from, or written as, encounter or daily powers refresh after the appropriate type of rest is taken (short or extended, respectively).
  • The following are limits to the number and types of techniques that can be put into a character’s technique slots:
    • Maximum of 5 of a combination of at-will, daily, and encounter power techniques.
    • Maximum of 3 powers originating from a weapon, implement, or armor, per item type (3 weapon powers, 3 implement powers, 3 armor powers, max).
    • A technique may be learned only once.
  • Weapon, implement, and armor properties can only be used if you are wielding or wearing equipment of the appropriate type. Any custom techniques created may have a weapon group, armor group, or implement type keyword attached to them, at the DM’s discretion.
    • Ex.: Distance weapon +1’s property reads, “Increase the weapon’s normal range by 5 squares and long range by 10 squares,” and can be applied to a ranged weapon. This property can be put into a character’s technique slots, but is considered inactive unless the character is wielding a ranged weapon.
    • Ex. 2: The farbond spellblade +1’s property (This weapon can be used as a heavy thrown weapon…) can be applied to weapons in the heavy blade or light blade groups. If a character has a power from this item slotted, it is only active if they are wielding a weapon from an appropriate group.
    • Ex. 3: The Property from a robe of eyes +2 can be applied only to cloth armor and reads, “You cannot be blinded and gain an item bonus to Perception checks equal to this armor’s enhancement bonus”. This Property is a level 7 property, costing 2600 gp. If you are not wearing cloth armor, this Property has no effect. If you are wearing cloth armor, the item bonus to Perception checks is equal to twice the effective enhancement bonus of the item that the property came from, as stated in the OSS.

The “One Stone” System

The following feats no longer exist: Weapon Expertise, Implement Expertise, Focused Expertise, Versatile Expertise, Paragon Defenses, Robust Defenses.

Each PC gets a cumulative +1 mastery bonus to all attacks, damage, and defenses every five levels, starting at level 2, to a maximum of +6. Additionally, each PC gets a cumulative +1d6 bonus to critical hits every five levels, starting at level 2 (e.g.: +1d6 to critical hits at level 2, +2d6 at level 7, etc).

Once per tier, each PC will be able to quest for a +1 enhancement bonus to weapon and implement keyworded attack powers and damage rolls. All items that grant a scaling enhancement bonus grant a +1 enhancement bonus every 10 levels instead of every 5.

Masterwork light armor no longer exists. Masterwork heavy armor now follows this table:

Armor Name AC Bonus Enhancement Bonus Special
Crysteel +7 +2 +2 Will
Forgemail +8 +2
Pitmail +9 +3 +2 Will
Spiritmail +10 +3
Stormscale +8 +2 +2 Fortitude
Wyrmscale +9 +2
Titanscale +10 +3 +2 Fortitude
Elderscale +11 +3
Specter plate +9 +2 Resist 2 all
Warplate +10 +2
Tarrasque plate +11 +3 Resist 5 all
Godplate +12 +3

All effects that depend on an item or technique’s enhancement bonus, including but not limited to level, price, and many properties, instead depend on twice its enhancement bonus. The first two examples below are for illustrative purposes only; magic weapons and implements will not normally be purchasable.

  • e.g. a +1 Magic weapon is a level 6 item, costs 1800 gp, and deals +2d6 damage on a crit.
  • e.g. a +3 Staff of Time is a legal level 30 item that costs 3,125,000 gp and deals +6d12 damage on a crit.
  • e.g. The property from the Acrobat Boots is still a level 2 technique, costing 520 gp, because they don’t grant an enhancement bonus.

Special Exceptions

Attack powers that lack the weapon or implement keyword and grant a scaling bonus to attack rolls, such as Dragon Breath and Darkfire, reduce the bonus they grant by a cumulative 2 per tier.

  • e.g. the attack line for the duergar’s Infernal Quills power is now simply “Constitution vs. AC”.
  • e.g. the attack line for the drow’s Darkfire power is now “Intelligence +2, Wisdom& #43;2, or Charisma +2 vs. Reflex”.
  • e.g. the attack line for the Minotaur Horned Champion’s Driving Gore power is now “Strength +2 vs. AC”.

Certain items, including most alchemical items, use a flat number to determine their attack bonus, rather than depending on the ability of the user. Mastery bonuses do not apply to this attack.

  • e.g. Mindiron Vambraces’ daily power is +11 vs. Will / +21 vs. Will / +31 vs. Will, regardless of who is using it.

If an item or technique grants an item bonus to damage, halve that bonus. In other words, an item bonus to damage is equal to the item or technique’s (effective) enhancement bonus, instead of twice that value.

  • e.g. a +2 Staff of Ruin is a level 18 item that grants a +2 item bonus to damage and deals +4d10 damage on a crit.
  • e.g. Iron Armbands of Power grant a +1 item bonus to damage at level 6, a +2 item bonus at level 16, and a +3 item bonus at level 26.

Rules, House and Otherwise

The One Stone and Trained Technique Hybrid System

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