Sliver Queen

“The sliver queen is much like one of the brood mothers, in that she can lay eggs that will hatch into new slivers. Unlike the brood mothers, however, the sliver queen can also give live birth, usually by incubating and hatching the eggs within her own massive abdomen. When the queen is in her layer form, she has a massive body, easily many times the size of an average sliver worker or warrior. I would imagine that this body would make it difficult to move, but observations by the mercenaries that were sent to slay the queen say that she has another form which was far more mobile.

The sliver queen is also unique in that she serves as the nexus for the hive mind of her entire race. Because the sliver race is so young (having only been created through mutation within the last several months), it is unknown if having more than one queen in existence is possible. Certainly, this would cause confusion amongst the rank and file slivers.

I suspect that, given the variety of slivers that are perfectly adapted to their environments, that the sliver queen has one final, insidious power. It is likely that she can control the development of new slivers, either by directly manipulating them within their eggs, or by changing the types of sliver that a given brood mother can lay. I find the direct manipulation theory difficult to wrap my mind around, but changing the type of sliver laid would be a simple matter of sending out a drone with the required adaptations to fertilize the brood mother eggs. Unfortunately, however, no drones outside of the standard template have been recovered, so this theory remains, as yet, unproven.

It is well that Balasar’s Avengers were able to slay this beast. One shudders to think what would have happened if they had been able to spread further, adapting to their environments and possibly birthing new queens. We might have been overrun by a tide of chitinous, voracious, and merciless creatures bent only on endless reproduction.”

—Excerpt from The Chittering Horde by Kovus Lorehart, chief biologist of Feyshadow Keep.

This version of the sliver queen occupies a 4×3 space (gargantuan). Sliver queen  layer form

This version occupies a standard Huge template (3×3) Sliver queen  mobile form


Sliver Queen

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