Castle Crag

This keep is manned by an elite force, consisting of the fiercest soldiers found throughout Cormyr. They are commanded by Duke Tibalt McCormus, and his lieutenant Darren Vanus. The soldiers are tasked with the duty to rid Cormyr of the vicious gnolls that infest the northeastern regions of the country. To this end, they train in tactics designed to separate individual gnolls from their packs and take them down quickly.

There is a bounty of 10000 gold per head on the members of Balasar’s Avengers. They are wanted in connection with the grisly murder of Lyle Smith, the castle’s blacksmith. They are also suspected of adventuring without a license, and consorting with the gnolls, which is an act of high treason in Cormyr. Furthermore, the gnoll adventurer by the name of Hazarak Makrah has a bounty on his head of 40000 gold pieces, above that of the rest of the Avengers. Lieutenant Vanus has personally set aside the funds for this bounty, but specifies that the gnoll must be brought to Castle Crag alive.

The sole person that was captured in the smithy, a goliath warden named Thargor, was interrogated by the guards, but was released after giving up a toenail cutting. He identified himself as a member of Balasar’s Avengers, but the guards didn’t have enough evidence on him to execute him immediately.

Buy/Sell maximum: 5000 gp. The blacksmith and apothecary within the castle will only sell to travelers that are approved by the duke, or chartered adventuring companies.

Imports: Foodstuffs, iron ore, charcoal, wood, rare herbs, rare earths.

Exports: None.

Items of note:

  • An adventurer’s charter can be granted by the duke or a magistrate for a 100 gold fee. There are no other restrictions on obtaining a charter.
  • Cormyr has a standing bounty on gnolls and orcs, which can be collected here. The bounty is 100 gold coins per head of either.

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Castle Crag

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