Eladrin Rogue, Balazar's Avengers


Althea was born fourth daughter(of 10 that she knows of) to an almost noble merchant family. In her early 40’s, teen years as far as Eladrin are concerned, an Elf adventurer, the rogue Shinlea, came to town and was invited to stay at her parent’s complex. She got to be friends with this adventurer and was charmed by the stories she was told. When it came time for Shinlea to leave Althea decided to join her. She did not tell her parent’s she was leaving. She left a note behind saying her good-byes for her. Althea knew her parents were working on a marriage contract for her, and really didn’t like the guy, even if it would bring prestige to her family. To this day Althea doesn’t know the reaction her parents had to her abrupt leaving.

While traveling with Shinlea Althea was trained in the ways of the rogue. Pick pocketing, lock picking, burgling, trap setting, how to hide in plain sight, even to tell the worth of items.(At the beginning of the campaign we were allowed professions. I even have appraisal tools.) There were many jobs that the two went on together. On occasion Shinlea would get a big job in that she needed to do alone. For these jobs Althea would stay at a tavern of ill repute pretending to be a bar wench, pick pocketing the clients, and splitting the money with the barkeep. This is what was going on in Loudwater, when one night Althea went to her room at the tavern to find Shinlea dead in her bed. Gutted and bled out. Althea knew Shinlea was working on something big for the thieves guild. After examining the body Althea could tell that Shinlea rode hard to get in, and though now left in a world with few friends and contacts, had some start money and now her old mentor’s armor and weapon. Her pouch was strangely missing. With the expensive help of the barkeep the body was seen to, but Althea was no longer welcome to stay at the tavern.

Then while debating what to do Loudwater was attacked by goblins. That set off a string of events that threw her together with the legendary Balazar, and eventually led to her becoming a senior member of Balazar’s Avengers.

In the back of her mind is her determination that she will find out what happened to her mentor. She’ll ask nicely at first, but if she has to she’ll manipulate the Avengers to put pressure on the Loudwater theives guild till they bleed. The fact that several members believe she shoudl take over the thieves guild is just a step closer. Althea will be happy to let it keep running itself giving the guild a percentage of profits as a “protection” fee, but she wants information more than any money the guild may try to throw at her.


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