Razakoth and Marugh

It is said that these twin blades were forged during the Dawn War by the god Asmodeus himself, and quenched in his own divine blood. The god gifted the blades to the Azaehoth, the leader of his Gnoll armies as a symbol of Azaehoth’s authority and power. After the Dawn War ended, the chaotic Gnolls turned to infighting, and the blades were seperated and lost. Razakoth and Marugh would resurface many times throughout history, but never again would a single Gnoll hero wield both blades.

Until recently, the last known wielder of the Razakoth was the leader of the Makrah clan, Grel. After the clan’s destruction at the hands of the Cormyrian soldiers that raided their village, the Razakoth was lost again, only to resurface in the hands of the enemy of the sole surviving member of the clan, a human named Darren Vanus. He used the blade as a template, and made copies of it, spreading them throughout the northern parts of Cormyr to sow strife amongst the Gnoll clans. The Makrahn survivor, Hazarak, reclaimed the blade but was unable to exact vengance on Darren.

The Marugh’s whereabouts are unknown.

Razakoth = Crescent
Marugh = Moon

The blades’ properties are as follows:


  • Bastard sword. Gnolls are automatically considered proficient in this weapon.
  • Brutal 3
  • High crit
  • Versatile

Razakoth and Marugh

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