Guild Assets

Balasar’s Avengers have the following assets:

Name Function Value (in gp)
Gold liquid wealth 10095 gp
Guild Hall (converted inn) meeting and officer lodging for the guild 15000 gp
Alchemy and ritual lab (within guild hall) Creating alchemical items of level + 2 3400 gp
Alliance with Feyshadow Keep n/a n/a
Alliance with Highrock Hold n/a n/a
Alliance with the Gray Vale Pirates n/a n/a
Alliance with the Kobolds of the Gray Vale n/a n/a
33 recruits Performing low-level missions n/a
2 linked portal stones Teleportation priceless

Expense Report:

Incurred by Item or Service Price Justification
Balasar Bronze Statue of Balasar 5000 gp Because I’m awesome, and everyone needs to know it
Balasar The Exploits of Balasar’s Avengers, Vol. I (100 copies, scribed) 990 gp To spread the word of our daring and heroic exploits
Ella and Nightblade Alchemy Lab 3400 gp To create new potions for guild use
Hanzo Loan of 11225 gp at 10% interest 11225 gp Loan for the purchase of a Moran’s Eye +3

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Guild Assets

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