Staff of the World Tree

This gnarled staff seems to have vines growing from and entwining it. The small trefoil leaves of the vines tremble slightly, as if in a light breeze.


Item Slot: Off-hand

Enhancement Bonus: +3

Enhancement: attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +3d6 damage

Property: When this implement is used with a power with the Summoning keyword, you gain an extra standard action every turn. This action may only be used to command the summoned creature.

Property: Gain a bonus equal to this item’s enhancement bonus on any rolls made to summon or bind creatures with the Natural origin keyword.

Property: While wielding this staff, you ignore movement restrictions for difficult terrain while in a natural environment (not in a typical city setting or underground).

Power (Daily * Summoning): Standard action. Summon a Medium or Large sized natural beast adjacent to you. This beast acts on your initiative and has all of its powers and abilities. During your turn, you may command it to take an action at the cost of an action of yours of the same type. The creature remains until the end of the encounter or 5 minutes have passed.

Quirks: If you do not worship Silvanus, the creature you summon with this item’s daily power may only be of Medium size, and you may only command it to perform its basic attacks. While this staff is in your possession, if you kill a Natural beast and do not either thank its spirit or use its body for food or materials, you start the next encounter stunned, which lasts until the end of your first turn. While wielding this staff, if you are wearing armor made out of a non-natural, inorganic material (metal, stone, etc), double that armor’s skill check penalty, or the penalty becomes 1 if it did not have a penalty.


This staff was bestowed on the first druid of Silvanus by an exarch of the god shortly after the temple that houses it was dedicated. It has remained there ever since, ready to be wielded by the druids of the temple should they need it. Its magic makes summoning natural creatures much easier, and makes creatures so summoned more powerful.

The staff was stolen in a raid by Mohini the Devilsinger and Medina the Defiler of the Southwood, but was recovered by Balasar’s Avengers. When the staff was returned to its rightful place, the party that returned it was granted a boon, the Roots of the Tree-Father power.

Staff of the World Tree

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