Memory Dissolution

This ritual wipes the memories of its targets

Memory Dissolution
As the last word of power escapes your lips, the target’s eyes become vacant. When the light returns to her eyes, she looks at you confusedly, and asks who you are.
Level: 14 Component Cost: 1000 gp, plus an optional focus worth at least 300 gp
Category: Deception Market Price: 5000 gp
Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: Instantaneous; see text

This ritual can either target a specific person, who must be named and present at the ritual’s conclusion, or a burst 3 area centered on the caster or an item of the caster’s choosing. At the completion of the ritual, the target or all creatures within the burst lose their memories of events. The amount of the loss is dependent on the Arcana check (see below). Before the conclusion of the ritual, the caster may specify up to five creatures besides himself that will be immune to the ritual’s effect.

Memories are erased from the target’s mind immediately. This does not cause them to forget anything they have been trained in (including class powers, rituals, skills, etc); only memories of events within the specified timeframe are blurred or erased. The effects of this ritual cannot be undone by magic; the only way to undo it is by repeatedly exposing the target to things that would remind her of what she has lost. The specific stimuli, as well as the length of the duration for recovery, is left at the DM’s discretion.

Focus: A well-made object of some value to the target, worth at least 300 gold. For the burst range version of the ritual, only one target must be specified when the ritual is initially cast; the focus must be of value to the named target.


This ritual was used by the shadowmage Nocturnus to wipe the memories of Balasar and his mysterious defender during a failed assassination attempt made by Shinlea, Althea’s mentor.

Memory Dissolution

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