Delayed Spell Trigger

This ritual can delay the effects of another ritual until certain conditions are met.


Level: 9

Component Cost: 10% of the suspended ritual’s component cost.

Category: Exploration

Market Price: 1000 gp

Time: 10 minutes

Key Skill: Arcana

Duration: Permanent until expended

This ritual causes the effects of another ritual to be delayed until a condition set by the caster occurs. This condition can be as simple as a spoken word or phrase, or as complex as some particular alignment of the planes. The ritual that was suspended immediately goes off when the condition is met. If the suspended ritual has a target, the target must be chosen at the time of the suspended ritual’s casting. If any rolls are made to determine the outcome of the ritual, they are made by the caster when the ritual triggers, even if that caster is dead. Once the suspended ritual goes off, this ritual is expended.


Delayed Spell Trigger

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