Aria of Rebirth

A song of healing to sustain a warrior during a long battle


Daily Group Power * Arcane, Healing

Standard Action

Effect: You gain regeneration 3 per tier for as long as you sustain this power. Only one person in the group may use this power at a time. If you are reduced to 0 hit points or less, you may expend this power as an immediate reaction to spend a healing surge. Sustain minor: You maintain this power, and may pass it to an ally within sight distance. That ally must be able to speak.

Special: This power may only be used by someone who already knows (and has been taught) the song.


This song is one of the verses in the epic balad, the Song of Eternity. It was learned by Balasar’s Avengers in the crypt/conservatory of the bard Ormus the Polyglot. They taught it to another bard, Kiniro Okimasa, who then taught them it’s use and how to properly perform the song.

Aria of Rebirth

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