Dwarven Battle Mage


Dwarf Wizard 11 // Battle Mage Paragon Path HP: 69 AC: 23 Initiative: +9 Fort: 21 Ref: 22 Will: 21 Passive Insight: 22 Passive Perception: 17


Urgar hails originally from the North near Mirabar. He had learned the basics of wizardry from his clan mage, but didn’t want to spend his time in dank caves doing research; he longed for battle, adventure, and if a little wealth happened to come along too, he didn’t mind. After learning the basics, he hitched a ride on a merchant caravan and made his way to Cormyr with a dream of being a War Wizard. He gained training and experience that he put to good use. After serving his time, he realized that although War Wizards are an excellent organization, he felt he had greater potential on his own. So he set out alone, until he met Balazar and their band. Here he had found his niche.

Urgar loves adventure. He is not overly-obsessed with wealth, but he appreciates the lifestyle and the riches that come from adventuring; he likes that he can be his own master and reach his fullest potential. Despite his gruff demeanor, he takes his craft very seriously and strives to be the best battle mage he can be. He’s starting to see that he has the potential to not only be a great wizard, but that he might actually be able to effect some greater good in the world. Unsure what that is, he’s decided that he’ll focus on being the best, and see what comes from there. Since he loves battle, that’s not a hard sacrifice.


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