Kerrick Moonharp

Human Sorcerer 11 / Wild Mage Paragon Path


HP: 77 Initiative: +9 AC: 21 / Fort: 20 / Ref: 22 / Will: 25 Passive Perception: 16 Passive Insight: 21 Spell Source: Wild Magic


Kerrick exudes quiet confidence, is easy-speaking, quick with kindness and a smile and laugh, but just as quick to release elemental fury on those who threaten innocents. He originally hails from Waterdeep, the city of splendors. Abandoned as a child, he was taken in as a baby by a small gang of street criminals. Despite their unsavory ways, they were not without pity or compassion and raised the young boy. As he grew up, Kerrick learned to be street-saavy and found that a sharp, confident mind could get one out of more trouble than a quick blade, and his street family soon put him to work as the information-gatherer for the band. This ability was augmented by his unconsciously-budding powers as a sorcerer; small happenings of chaos tended to follow him wherever he went, almost always flowing in parallel with his desires as a palpable aura of good luck. This led to some success for a while, until one day Kerrick’s gang bit off more than they could chew in the form of a Thayan merchant who looked poorly on being swindled. The merchant also happened to be a wizard of no small caliber, one who had been sent to infiltrate Waterdhavian society for nefarious means at the behest of Thay’s undead leaders. Although it spelled their doom, Kerrick’s gang’s actions inadvertantly exposed the wizard when he took revenge, killing all but Kerrick. It was also during this battle, seeing his family being mercilessly slain, that his sorcerer powers burst forth in elemental fury. Though not powerful enough to defeat the wizard, it was enough to forestall the Thayan long enough for Waterdhavian agents to burst in and finish the wizard. In the aftermath of the battle, one of the agents realized Kerrick’s potential and took him in, saving him from a life of crime on the streets. It turns out the agent belonged to an elite, unofficial group of operators who worked covertly for the Lords of Waterdeep. Kerrick traded one loose-knit family for another, only this time they nurtured his budding sorcerer powers and gave him a purpose. His powers and street-smarts made him ideally suited to identifying, rooting out, and blasting those who threatened innocents. Kerrick now wanders the Realms officially as a free agent, but he still quietly maintains ties with his old group. His sorcerous power continues to grow, a storm of elemental chaos with a calm, cool mind at its center. He has fallen in with the Avengers and sees the potential good the group has to offer. Despite their mercenary approach, they help provide avenues for identifying potential threats that need to be eliminated, so he will stay with them for the time being.

Kerrick Moonharp

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