Chains Unbound

Queen's Gambit story update for 20100419 (Marpenoth 21)

The group meets a Githzerai; Conan draws the ire of a dragon

We picked up the story on the floating prariemote containing the temple of Sune. After having rested up from their long journey, Conan’s group was ready to tackle their next mission: head to the marsh of Chelimber and find out what is stopping the spread of the slivers, and capture a live sliver for the sorcerer Zamira. Most of the group took the chain back to the Gray Peaks, then walked down to the base of the mountain. Conan, however, wanted to try out his new boots, and jumped off of the side of the mote, landing gently on his face 1500 ft below. He then waited the three hours until the rest of the group met up with him, then everyone sent their mounts back to Loudwater and headed into the northwestern section of the marsh.

The cold of deep winter chilled everyone to the bone, and only the fact that everyone had to walk kept some of the group’s members from freezing to death. At the edge of the marsh, the group found a strange, otherworldly being fighting (and close to being overwhelmed by) four blackscale lizardfolk. Tempest decided to help the creature, and rushed in while the rest of the group stood back and watched. The two warriors made quick work of the lizardfolk, knocking them unconscious and tying them up. When they came to, Ella interrogated them and found that they worshiped a god named Kazmonix, who was engaged in battle with the slivers near the center of the swamp. Ella intimidated them, with the help of the group, into leading everyone to the battle site.

The path through the marsh was treacherous, and fraught with hidden pitfalls and water hazards. Eventually, the group made it to the center of the marsh, where they discovered that the god the lizardfolk worshiped was a huge black dragon, and that this dragon was being swarmed by sickly, decaying slivers. Ella and Blaze negotiated a temporary truce and alliance with the dragon Kazmonix until the slivers were dealt with, and they freed the lizardfolk to fight elsewhere in the swamp, then the entire group moved forward to engage the sliver horde.

Conan charged, yelling orders to capture the slivers alive, then flying into a rage and hacking at the nearest sliver. The group soon found that there were three problems with capturing the slivers alive: One, the largest of the slivers were not actually alive, but undead sliver zombies. Two, some of the living slivers could spit a necrotic bile that would weaken the defenses of anyone that it came into contact with. These slivers also caused all the other slivers near them to emit a foul miasma, which quickly began infecting the group with stumbling sickness. And three, there were manipulator slivers with this group, and they were bent on capturing Kazmonix for some purpose.

Wave after wave of slivers poured into the area, seemingly unaffected by the soft, unstable ground. Slivers fell to both the blades and spells of the group, and the claws, teeth, and breath of Kazmonix. Eventually, the incoming slivers dwindled to nothing, and the combined might of Balasar’s Avengers and Kazmonix put down the slivers temporaraly. In the melee, the group managed to capture two living pestilence slivers and six living manipulator slivers by knocking them out.

After the battle, Conan clumsily attempted to say, “You’re welcome,” to the dragon, then called her a demon (as he considers all talking predators demons), which ruffled her feath… scales a bit, to say the least. When we left the story, Kazmonix glared balefully at Conan and sized up the rest of the party, as the wounds in her wings began closing up.

We will continue next week with the same party, at the same location, in negotiations with Kazmonix.



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