Chains Unbound

Queen's Gambit story update for 20100315 (Marpenoth 11-13)

Sand and snow; repaying a debt

After resting up from their battle with the slivers on the desertmote, the group mounted their griffins and headed back to the White Lotus academy. Although the first day passed by without event, in the morning on the second day the group was attacked by an old foe: the blizzard elemental that Hanzo slept on the way to the desertmote. This time, it brought more friends – a group of sandstorm elementals and a few windstrikers. Also, unlike the last battle with this enemy, the group elected to remain in the sky and fight.

The enemy forces started out strong, copying the party’s tactic of knocking them out of the sky. First to crash was the griffin piloted by Blaze and J’tal. They soon found that the tree that they had landed in was not a bad place to fight from, and after stablizing their griffin, started the counterattack. One by one, the griffins were knocked out of the sky, except for the one ridden by Hanzo and Ping. Seeing an advantage to be had with their long range attacks, they both took to the skies, firing magic missiles and bursts of elemental energies and keeping the windstriker and sandstorm elemental at bay.

A stray blast from a windstriker knocked the griffin of Althea and Lady Tron out of the sky and onto the ground. When the griffin hit the ground, Hazarak, who had been on the back of the beast, woke up. While still under the control of the sliver hive mind, he released a psychic scream over the bluetooth implants, stunning about half the party. He then took off through the woods, towards some unknown destination.

Balasar and Darkblade made quick work of the elementals that were accosting them, though they too were knocked out of the the sky. Once they regained control, Balasar found that he could get the griffin to join him in an assault if they charged an enemy. Armed with this knowledge, the three of them zipped around the aerial battlefield, weakening or killing the elementals and assisting their comrades. Eventually, through feats of heroics both great and small, the elementals were destroyed.

Once the threat was eliminated, Althea and Lady Tron headed off on the back of their griffin in pursuit of Hazarak. After a quick skirmish, they subdued their erstwhile companion and rejoined the group.

A discussion ensued about what to do now. Eventually it was decided that the group would tell headmaster Marovic at the academy about the rare earth vein that was found on the desertmote, and get Korvus the biologist to remove the sliver from Hazarak’s brain. With this decided, the group finished their journey back to the school of wizards.

At the school, a deal was struck: the location of the desertmote for the griffins. Hazarak’s life was saved, thanks to Korvus, Darkblade, and Balasar. And a little gold was made through the sale of the fungus that Althea had collected from the sliver caves.

The entire guild now needs to send two parties out, one to negotiate with the dwarves to the west, and one to speak to the fey queen, Kaylani, in the forest maze near Llorhk in the north. At some point, one of the groups should also check back in with Duke Windsor at Feyshadow Keep, and both groups should keep an eye out for more sliver nests to eradicate.

Balasar’s Avengers have their work cut out for them. The sliver threat looms large, and despite the clearing of two nests, they do not seem to be slowed in the least. If a way to stop them permanently isn’t found soon, all humanoids in the region may soon be overrun by the chittering, chitinous sliver horde.



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