Chains Unbound

Queen's Gambit story update for 20100309 (Marpenoth 10)

The Desert Broodmother

After finishing off the blue dragon Skizzikt and his sliver captors, the group was ready for a well-deserved rest. First, however, Althea decided to do some scouting. She snuck up the passage through the glowing fungus at the back of the chamber, a tunnel that lead upwards towards another dimly lit chamber. Creeping to the tunnel’s exit, she stuck her head into a huge chamber, filled with slivers and sliver eggs, and home to a huge desert brood mother. The brood mother was perched about ten feet above the exit, as if ready to ambush whomever came out. Before making a hasty retreat, she noticed something glinting in the middle of the room: a huge pile of coins, gems, and other metal objects, covered by sliver waste and fungus. She reported this to the rest of the group, who decided to retreat out into the cold desert air and rest amidst a cluster of boulders.

Since Hanzo, being undead, didn’t need to sleep, he volunteered to take all the watch shifts. In the third hour of the rest, the camp was attacked by a small raiding party of slivers, which were easily repulsed by the group. For the rest of the night, Hanzo watched the slivers wind their way through the desert sands, but none of them came near enough to attack.

The next morning, on the 10th, the Avengers headed back into the caves. Althea took the lead through the fungus-lined tunnel, but quickly found that the slivers had anticipated the group’s return when she tripped a cave-in trap just feet from the tunnel’s exit. Alerted by the noise, the desert broodmother stuck her head through the exit and spit a glob of fine sand right at her, blinding her and making her cough up blood. The rest of the group, after seeing this, decided to head into the room cautiously. Blaze lead the charge, and promptly got a facefull of sand for his trouble. As soon as the party started their advance, all the slivers except the brood mother burrowed into the walls and started making their way up towards the cavern’s ceiling.

One by one, the party made their way into the cavern. After wiping the sand out of her eyes, Althea waited for an opportunity, and teleported onto the back of the brood mother when she got the chance. Ping took a brief flight and used his powers to rip the brood mother off of the wall, slamming her into the ground. After that, it was no contest. With the brood mother on the ground, the party quickly dispatched her.

Hanzo realized that the slivers were making their way to the ceiling, either to collapse it onto the group and trap them within, or to escape. He estimated that it would be just seconds before they succeeded in this, so the party started looting the room furiously, and eventually stuffed all the loot, fungus, sliver crap, everything into their bags of holding. Just as the celing started to collapse, the party made it outside, and ran for their griffins, who were flying near the edge of the desertmote.

As the group neared the land’s edge, they saw why the griffins hadn’t landed: A group of slivers had attacked them earlier, scaring them off. That same group, plus reinforcements, was now behind the party, barreling towards them. With what the group learned from the last time they faced the spined slivers, they made quick work of them. Now, they need to figure out what they are going to do with the desertmote, and how best to split up the loot.



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