Chains Unbound

Kiss of the Moon (La'Quel's Story), finale

Entering the Demonweb Pits, Lolth's Chosen

We last left La’Quel, Blaze, Conan, Virgil, and Urgar just outside of a huge portal that lead to gods know where, inside the ruined and desecrated temple of Selune. The group took a moment to catch their breath and decide whether they should call it a night. After some discussion, it was determined that more rest was not needed, so the group dumped Urgar, who had fallen unconscious, into the bodybag of holding, and charged headlong into the portal.

La’Quel went through first and scouted around. The area that she found herself in resembled a cave, with a very dim, purple glow eminating from the spiderweb-covered walls. She looked around and found that the portal she used to enter this area was nowhere to be seen, so she crept further up the tunnel, until she heard three women talking to another woman. Peering around the corner, she beheld a most unwelcome sight: two of the drow she had been pursuing (Aliah and Jasil), as well as another drow woman, were kneeling in front of a beautiful drow woman wearing ornate leather armor and wielding a scourge. This could only be Lolth, queen of the Demonweb Pits herself.

While she scouted ahead, Blaze stepped through the portal and found himself behind La’Quel. She quickly attempted to relay a message through the bluetooth to the rest of the party, but Blaze told her that he didn’t think that the bluetooths worked across dimentional boundaries. This soon became a moot point, however, as the rest of the party came through the portal. La’Quel quickly updated the party with their current situation, and Blaze decided to approach the goddess to parley.

Parley did not go well, to say the least. Lolth was wholly unimpressed with Blaze, especially as he made a clumsy attempt to move along the wall while talking to her. The three drow women eyed him hungrily and fingered their weapons while he and Lolth talked, but made no move to attack. She then cocked her head to the side and exclaimed, “I sense your presence, Virgil, show yourself!” Virgil then ran out and started hurling insults at the goddess, which provoked her wrath. She ordered the three drow women to attack, but just then La’Quel charged in and took a mighty swing at Aliah, wounding her greatly.

The rest of the party charged in and went to work on killing the drow. They found their efforts thwarted by the cleric, Jasil, as she managed to put up a wall of whirling blades near the entrance of the battlefield, and her ally, Araellri the Arachnomancer, put out a web that slowly rotted away the non-drow caught within it. The group, excluding Conan, suffered within this area as Jasil and Aliah attacked them, and Aliah continually threw Blaze into the blade barrier. Both Blaze and Virgil fell in battle a few times, with the other just barely able to pull them back from the brink of death.

Meanwhile, Conan threw himself at Araellri while hurling insults at Lolth. She did not take kindly to this, and decended from her vantage point on the ceiling of the cavern to hurl a tough, sticky web at Conan. He quickly suffused himself with the power of his rage and burned the webs to ash around him, then gave chase to the arachnomancer, who had begun running around Lolth. Conan repeatedly lay his blade into her, while she tried and failed to bite him with her fangs, to get a taste of his blood. Eventually he managed to chase her out from behind her goddess and off of the dias that they were perched on.

By this point, the entire party had exhausted most of their resources and were in various states of decay. La’Quel had been unable to shake off the webs that Araellri casted earlier, and remained restrained for what seemed like forever. Virgil and Blaze took turns taking a dirt nap, and even Conan was barely able to maintain his anger. Conan, seeing the need to do something decisive quickly, lunged at Araellri, and with guidance from Blaze, managed to land four grievious blows on her in the space of six seconds, felling the vampiric arachnomancer and leaving her allies injured and terrified. Jasil, seeing little chance for survival here, attempted to flee, but was chased down by Conan and brutally slaughtered. Aliah attempted to hide in a cloud of darkness and managed to dodge almost all of the party’s blades, but once she emerged from the cloud, La’Quel charged her and buried her broadsword to the hilt in her chest, finishing her off.

Lolth, thouroughly entertained now and somewhat content, offered Conan a place among the ranks of her followers, a rare honor for a male. He refused this, saying that he had regard only for Crom, and she let it pass with a brief flicker of irritation. La’Quel she addressed briefly, but released (probably) unharmed. She saved most of her rage for Virgil, whom she regarded as a traitor but was unable to kill directly due to her pact with Corellion. She instead cursed him with terrible misfortune and told the entire group to leave within a minute, or she would consume their souls as well. They quickly departed through the portal, which had just reopened.

Over the course of the next few days, Selene rewarded the party, both directly and indirectly. She gave La’Quel one of her tears, which she used to seal the portal permanently, then granted her a boon (see below). She also sent one of her priestesses a dream and a small reward for the Avengers that aided her champion. All told, this outting netted the following for the group:

  • 800 xp (final encounter [Lolth’s Chosen] only)
  • A Stalwart Belt (level 16 waist item)
  • A boon for La’Quel, consisting of either a divine boon related to Selene from any printed source, or a free feat
  • 21 pp, 318 gp, 15 sp, 50 cp + 2 sapphire gems (1000 gp each), delivered by the above priestess

This concludes Kiss of the Moon. Next week, we will likely pick up with Hanzo’s story, Enclave of Demons.



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